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‘Trending’ at the Social History Society Conference 2012

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On the 2-6 April, I attended the Social History Society Conference 2012, which was this year held in Brighton. An annual conference for social and cultural historians, it is a great place to get a feel for what is ‘trending’ in current research and there were many great papers by young and more established historians. To summarise these, I made a little ‘Going Up and Going Down’ chart, which took me back to my days as Fashion Editor at Manchester’s student paper!


‘Illuminating Scotland’

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This weekend, I was blown away by a trip to the National Museum of Scotland, which I found to be an inspiring shrine to innovation; technological, artistic and scientific. The depth of artefacts and collections on display was impressive- ranging from Dolly the Sheep, the first bicycle and African tribal costume. (I didn’t get time to visit the egyptian mummies or sculpture sections in between- give yourself a full day if you want to get round the whole building!) Perhaps the most exciting thing about the museum for me though, was the inclusion of innovative tools that allow the visitor to engage with the objects and collections themselves. For obvious reasons to do with my PhD research,I was particularly taken with an interactive map of Scotland’s lighthouses called ‘Illuminating Scotland‘ (click the link to read more and see some images of this display). The user could move a slider along a timeline and watch the map light up as more lighthouses were built. An apparently simple but extremely effective use of design in the communication of history and research.