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Royal Approval

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Having become interested in the issue of status in the design profession, a trip to the RSA archive seemed like an obvious place to do some research. I was there last week, researching the Royal Designer for Industry award and was able to look through the boxes from some CSD members who achieved the status of RDI.

Although all of the information stored in these boxes shed some light on what the status of RDI means in the design profession, the box of Milner Gray was particularly enlightening. Of the work included in Gray’s box, there was a noticeable emphasis on Royal iconography. Perhaps it was the revival of such objects with the impending Royal wedding that brought my attention to this picture, but it seemed to me to be a striking example of the importance Royal status and approval has played in the design profession, both through the RSA and the CSD.

The caption to this photo read, ‘Coronation Souvenir loving cup’, ‘a souvenir loving cup to commemorate the coronation of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, designed for Courage and Co Ltd., the old-established London Brewers, by Milner Gray RDI., FSIA, of Design Research Unit and made by Doulton &Co. Ltd. The cup is in off-white glazed earthenware with ‘ a one colour litho transfer’ decoration in black with the addition of a deep pink applied by hand. The design illustrates on the abverse an equestrian portrait of the Queen with the loyal message ‘Here’s & Health Unto Her Majesty’ and the date 1953; on the reverse the Royal Arms, Crown and Cypher. The courage cockerel trade-mark appears on the base together with the Royal Doulton mark.’

It made me wonder who might design todays ‘loving cups’ to celebrate the marriage of Kate and Wills? Is Royal patronage still an important concept to members of the design profession?