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What does it mean to be a professional designer? To what extent can we define the design profession? How meaningful are terms such as ‘multi-disciplinary’ or ‘cross-disciplinary’ in regard to design approaches? Can academics help in defining and solidifying our understanding of what the profession is and does?

Does place matter to the designer? How important are the networks built through institutions, such as colleges, representative bodies and galleries or museums? How has physical isolation from these networks affected the productivity of designers in Britain? More specifically,how do the designer’s private work spaces connect or disconnect from these wider networks?

Welcome to my blog! As PhD student for the Chartered Society of Designer’s first Collaborative research project with the Centre for Research and Development, University of Brighton, I am hoping to use this site as my own place to bring together cool ideas I have read about, interesting items I have found in the archive and a way of developing some responses to the above questions, which represent the core interests of my PhD thesis: ‘Towards an Atlas of the Design Profession in Britain, 1930-2010′.

I also want this to be your place too. I hope that I might be able to use it as a way of connecting CSD members with the contents of your archive. I also hope that it might become a place to gather insight from the design profession-  from CSD members or whoever else might be passing through.

Please feel free to leave comments or ask questions- the greater my engagement with the design profession, the better. And if the aims of my research still remain unclear to you, I hope that this will improve as I go on, so please bare with me!